Benzin India is an Engine Oil manufacturing company, especially for small and medium internal combustion engine. Our specially formulated Oil with added additives provides good lubrication and high shear stability engine oil for small and medium internal combustion engine. Benzin India, committed to develop high quality engine oil for all our needs, which keeps our engine life longer, protects from wear and tear. Our aim is to produce high quality engine oil with exceptionally very high quality for all our customers. We Benzin India formulated semi-Synthetic engine oil which is superior quality to conventional mineral based oil, also increases power and performance when compared to normal mineral based oil at an affordable rate. We are here to serve our customer needs; it is our customers who keep us in the business So what really important for us is to achieve a high level of satisfaction from our customer.

How we are going to achieve the high level of satisfaction?
By giving our customer a product in which we don’t compromise for quality. We have chosen our vendors who are also committed for high quality products. So at each and every stage of the production we build quality into the product.